A Never-ending Dream

Director: Berta Tilmantaite
Country: Lithuania
Category: Short film
Duration: 3'51"
Producer: Berta Tilmantaite
Script: Berta Tilmantaite
Photography: Robijn Voshol
Music: Martynas Gailius
Starring:Edgaras Matakas

SYNOPSIS: According to his disability, Edgaras has the sport class of S11. This means that only athletes who have severe vision impairment or, in other words, are completely blind belong to this classification. Competing against other athletes of this category, 17 year old Lithuanian accomplished three “A” level standards of Paralympics and because of that in the fall of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro Edgaras will compete in the freestyle swimming of 50 m, 100 m and 400 m distances. He is the only disabled swimmer in the national team of Lithuania of the 2016 Paralympics.