Director: Dominik Saal
Country: Germany
Category: Film creation of children and youth
Duration: 15'
Producer: Dominik Saal
Script: Dominik Saal
Photography: Veit Rodemann
Music:  Dominik Saal
Editing: Dominik Saal, Anton Geburek
Starring: Benjamin Link, Sophia Munster, Flyn Stege

SYNOPSIS: Alex lives in his own world, the Internet. Everyday he writes with his friends and during that he forgets the world around him. One day he took notice of the Darknet and gets deeper into it more and more. Nevertheless, it doesn’t influence his everyday life till suddenly his accounts on Social Media gets blocked and he receives an anonymouse e-Mail.

Depressively he breaks down; his whole world breaks down; the only thing he still has is his brother, who helps him to get along without the Internet, but every beginning is hard which learn Alex very fast.

Furthermore, the past cannot be forgetten quite easily because suddenly and out of all reasons he gets chased by someone…perhaps because of the Darknet?