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Director: Mieczysław Krze
Country: Poland
Category: Short film
Duration: 9'47"
Producer: Mieczysław Krze
Script: Mieczysław Krze
Starring:Janusz, Krystyna and Mieczysław KrzelKey Cast

SYNOPSIS: This is the story of a former boxer, who lost his hearing in his youth in the ring. The hero had never heard the sound of his son’s voice. After three years of hassles and tribulations, the man receives a new hearing aid and goes with his grown son for a walk to test out the long-awaited equipment. The man works every day in a noisy factory, but as a person who can not hear, is the right person in the right place. This short film tells the story about imperfect technology, which does not keep pace with progressive hearing loss in hero of the film. So this is a film about the disappointment, but also optimistic at the same time…