PNEUMA (triptyque)

Director: Antonello Matarazzo
Country: Italy
Category: Mini film
Duration: 2'30"
Producer: Antonello Matarazzo
Script: Antonello Matarazzo
Music:  Antonello Matarazzo

SYNOPSIS: PNEUMA investigates the threshold between immobility and transformation, highlighting the slow mutation of an ancient olive tree, represented in the detail of the trunk as opposed to analog face an old farmer. The variety of forms of the bark of the olive is, perhaps more than any other plant species, a tree that is an almost instinctive anthropomorphic equivalence, in the face of a wrinkled old farmer. The morphing of the face and the winding wooden formations are a metaphor for the constant sacrifice that the two forms of life ( man-tree) bring into being. Organic forms of powerful symbolic value, absorbed into the relentless cycle of nature, where everything changes and nothing is destroyed.