Risky Game

Director: Stefan Plepp
Country: Germany
Category: Short film
Duration: 11'
Producer: Stefan Plepp
Photography: Chris Hirschhaeuser
Music:  Stefan Plepp
Editing: Christof Schilling 
Starring:Stefan Plepp, Sinha Melina Gierke, Laurens Walter

SYNOPSIS: Va Banque-Risky Game A story without heroes 17years old Melanie gets beaten by her father when she has bad grades in school. At the end of term she fails completely in a test in physical science. This might cost her her high school certificate. So she tries to blackmail her teacher. That already worked well for a friend of hers blaming a teacher of sexual harassment. It seems an easy thing to do since the physical science teacher called Rath appears to be a nerd, without any social life and friends, only interested in science. He appears to be the ideal victim. But she’s proved wrong. The reason for Raths solitariness originates in his past. It’s his jealously guarded secret. But put under high pressure, this past comes to the surface again. So at the end we have no winner, don’t we? But the cycle of violence might have come to a standstill. Yet, are these legitimate means? What is the moral of it? What are the alternatives? There is another layer to the story. Some adolescents seem to feel very sure about their ‘completeness’ understanding the world and tend to show a kind of condescending behaviour towards adults, especially adults who seem easy to read or to ‘handle’. I wanted to show a moment where this kind of attitude is confronted with “real life”. Also, I’m asking myself how people in our society who are supposed to exercise ‘authority’ as part of their role, like teachers, can manage to fulfill that expectation while the means they have to do so seem to be shrinking – socially, legally and as to the notion of respect.