In the CHILDREN’S film creation category, aged up to 15, 18 films from 8 countries (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and South Korea) are selected. In the YOUTH’ film creation category, aged 15 to 19 years, 17 films from 6 countries (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Spain and Sweden) are selected. The selection in the category of FILM CREATION FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE consists of a total of 35 films.

All selected films represent achievements of exceptional artistic scope, fulfilling the criteria of originality, topicality, relevance and interest, in accordance with the age criteria of the categories. The filmmaking of children and youth consists of imaginative, spirited, feel-good films, which at the same time examine the limits of children’s wit, but also their shrewdness when it comes to understanding more serious social problems.
The Commission hereby takes the opportunity to praise the courage of the type and genre-oriented selection of the selected films, among which, in addition to the most diverse types of animated films, there were also documentaries, which examine personal and social relationships, psychological states and moral issues, as well as feature films, which managed to respond to the demands of the thriller, action film and adventure genre in extremely witty and inventive ways.
Based on all the above, we are firmly convinced that these films will give birth to several future heroes of Serbian and European cinematography